Bournemouth Mobile Phone Repairs

Bournemouth Mobile Phone Repair image We Fix repairs all makes of Mobile Phone at our workshop in Bournemouth

We Fix replaces Mobile Phone Displays, screens, batteries, speakers, and microphones. We also deal with water damage and software issues. We can also carry out repairs on logic boards having access to experts in the mobile phone repair sector.


Whatever your requirement we will offer you best advice and an impartial view of what way to approach your Mobile Phone repair options

Samsung Mobile Phone Repairs

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop is open 6 days a week

Samsung is recognised as the main rival to Apple. Samsung have a massive range of Mobile Phone and Tablets. We repair all models of Samsung Mobile Devices. We repair broken Samsung LCD, Touch Screen and Samsung displays. We offer a quick turnaround on cracked glass on Galaxy models. Some Samsung Mobile Phones have separate glass and display screens and others have the glass bonded to the display. We are able to remove cracked glass from the Samsung Mobile Phones that have a bonded screen display. The process takes 3 – 5 days the work is done professionally.  The cracked glass is removed and the display cleaned off. The new glass is applied with UV Glue and the display is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove the excess glue and any bubbles.


Microsoft / Nokia Lumia Mobile Phone Repairs

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop is open 6 days a week

Nokia Lumia – Microsoft Windows Mobile Phones. We repair the LCD Touch Display on all models of Nokia / Microsoft Lumia. Just give us a call for a competitive price and repair time. We also replace Nokia Lumia Batteries and deal with faulty speakers and microphones


an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair ShopMotorola produced the World's First Commercial Portable Cellular Phone and launched it on Sep 21, 1983. Today the range consists of mainly Android Touch Screen Mobile Phones. The most common fault we see with these phones is cracked screens. The new generation of Motorola mobile phone screens are normally one unit including the Glass, Digitiser and Display. Further to this the display is normally mounted in a frame and therefore has to be changed at the same time. We have repaired quite a few Moto G mobile phones with broken display screens.
an image of Bournemouth iPhone Repair ShopFrom Taiwan - HTC was founded in 1997 as a laptop manufacturer. HTC soon began making smartphones based on Windows Mobile. It released the first commercial Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, in 2008. HTC mobile phones are brought into We Fix with a variety of problems including broken displays, broken or faulty charging port and issues with the batteries not holding charge. There are also problems with microphones or speakers not working. If your HTC is faulty then give us a call about a free inspection.