iPad Repairs Bournemouth

Bournemouth iPad repairs

Have you broken your iPad? Do you need your iPad screen repaired fast?

We Fix iPad cracked, broken, and smashed front glass, digitisers/ screens and displays. we repair iPad Home buttons and on/off switches and replace dead or dying iPad batteries. iPad Repairs Bournemouth.

We repair the following iPad Glass and displays in our Bournemouth store.

iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad 5th Generation
iPad 6th Generation
iPad 7th Generation
iPad 8th Generation
iPad 9th Generation

iPad Mini
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 5

We Fix BCR supply iPad professional repair services.

Other Apple iPad Repairs Bournemouth that we repair includes the iPad not holding a charge and the iPad not charging. Charging or battery problems can be either a bad battery or the iPad Charging IC gone faulty.

We can look at your iPad when it is not booting, has no sound or has no or very low WIFI connectivity. We can repair the headphone jack of the iPad. Besides replacing the iPad Charging Port, we can also replace faulty home buttons.

Bournemouth iPad repairs
Screen We Fix BCR repair the iPad screen the same day. Repairs are carried out on our premises, and we try to get them done on the same day. If you bring your iPad into our store in the morning, it will give us time to repair it the same day.

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