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Mobile phone repairs always need doing at the wrong time. We have set up this site to provide Mobile Phone Repairs and services using differing quality of parts and different timescales. These factors give you great flexibility and enable cost-effective pricing

Express or Easy

We understand how vital a Mobile Phone can be for the user. Our Retail store carries out many repairs on a while-you-wait basis during the day. This site provides either a fast track repair at full price or a reduced price if you can leave the device with us for 24 hours

Trusted Service

We are a trusted Mobile Device repair centre in Bournemouth. We have been here for over 11 years. We have an excellent reputation on Google, and you can see this if you search for We Fix BCR. All repairs come with a warranty, and if you pay by PayPal, then Buyer Protection is included

iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

Apple iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

Oh no! You’ve gone and done it. You have broken your Apple iPhone Now what? Simple, come and see We Fix BCR, and we will repair it FAST.

OH NO! Broken your phone? We Fix BCR Bournemouth will repair that for you

Why Use We Fix BCR?

We are well known, established, Trusted, Apple iPhone Repair Company with many online reviews. We have been trading in Bournemouth for over ten years

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We only use Hi-Quality Parts.

We get the best repair parts possible and Original Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei Parts where we can.

We Fix BCR Genuine / High-quality Mobile Phone Repair parts Bournemouth

We Fix BCR is Open 6 Days a Week providing our service

We aim to repair your iPhone Display within 30 minutes and we offer this service 6 days a week. We start at 8:30 and finish at 5PM during the week,

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We understand how vital your Mobile Phone is to you.

At We Fix BCR. We aim to get your device up and running quickly and efficiently as possible and providing you with our full attention.

We Fix BCR Fast High-quality Mobile Phone Repairs Bournemouth

All repairs have a Massive 12 Month Warranty

We offer a Massive 12 Month Warranty with all our repairs. It covers parts and labour. It does not cover Physical damge or software errors.

Bournemouth mobile phone repairs warranty

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iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

Bournemouth iPhone repairs. you have an iPhone with a broken iPhone screen, then give us a call. We can replace iPhone screens in 30 minutes. Our Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop is located at We Fix BCR, 278 Holdenhurst Road. Bournemouth, Dorset. BH88AY.

We supply and fit replacement High-Quality Copy iPhone Screens. We can also provide and fit Original iPhone Display screens. We offer a premium product and service with all our iPhone repairs. Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop is the title of our website.

You can check our reviews here


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Image of iPhone 11 Max Pro repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 11 Pro MAX Repairs

iPhone X Screen Replacements in 30 Minutes

Have you cracked tour iPhone X screen? Has your iPhone X got a damaged display? 

There are many different quality versions of the iPhone X Display available on the market.  

We will only use Soft an OLED Display when we repair your iPhone X or XS.

The process takes 30 minutes, and the screen is a high-quality OLED. The Screen is very similar to the original iPhone X Display. 

We can repair your cracked iPhone X screen in about 30 minutes.

We Fix BCR  – Expert iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

Image of Huawei P30 Pro Screen Old and New Service Pack

iPhone XR Screen Replacements in 30 Minutes

Have you cracked your iPhone XR screen? Has your iPhone XR got a damaged display? We can replace the screen display with an OEM version in about 30 minutes.

iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

The Screen is very similar to the original iPhone XR Display. This latest big panel phone from Apple is a high-quality, high-definition display that needs to be replaced with a high-quality replacement. We Fix BCR repairs the iPhone XR screen in Bournemouth

We Fix BCR – Trusted iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

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iPhone 8 Screen repairs While you wait

iPhone 8 ‘While you wait repair service. We Fix are able to supply and fit new replacement displays for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If you have dropped and smashed your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Display then give us a call. We can supply either Original Refurbished iPhone 8 Screens or High-quality OEM screens. An iPhone 8 screen repair takes about 30 minutes to complete.
Does your iPhone 8 have a cracked or broken screen glass or display? A broken iPhone 8 LCD is repaired swiftly and economically while you wait.
We fix offers a warranty and free glass screen protector on all iPhone screen replacements

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iPhone 7 /7 Plus Audio issues. Audio IC Repair Service

Did you know another common fault with iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus is the audio IC.
The symptoms for this are as follows:
Your iPhone takes a long time to turn on
Siri has stopped working.
You can’t hear from the earpieces speaker.
Callers can’t hear you.
sound does not work on videos.

This can be repaired by lifting the audio IC chip off the board and micro soldering a new one on.

If you are experiencing any of the above faults, this could be the start of the audio IC failing.

Image showing the display of an iphone 7 that has a failed Audio IC

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop - iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Pt 1

We received an iPhone 7 into our Bournemouth Mobile Phone Repair Shop. iPhone Repairs Bournemouth. The customer reported that the phone had two problems. The first problem was that the screen had started to lift from the frame. The second problem with the iPhone 7 was that it would power off at about 50% charge, We Fix advised the customer to go to Apple in Southampton as the phone should be under Apple Warranty. The customer said that they were in a hurry to get the iPhone up and running as soon as they could and did not want to take a day out driving to the Apple Store. We diagnosed both faults as Battery related.

image showing iPhone 7 with a faulty battery

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop - iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Pt 2

The iPhone was opened and it was seen that the battery was swollen (Blown). This was the cause of the screen lifting and also the poor battery performance.
We Fix replaced the iPhone 7 Battery with an OEM  Battery.

image showing iPhone 7 with a faulty battery

Bournemouth iPhone Repair Shop - iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Pt 3. iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

We Fix then re-sealed the iPhone 7 with the water resistant gasket. The screen was replaced and the battery life and capacity were tested and measured as perfect. Not only has this iPhone 7 Repair rectified the phone failing and turning off the phone at 50% etc, it’s also cured the screen lift at the same time.

We Fix BCR replace batteries in all iPhones.

image showing iPhone 7 with a faulty battery

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repairs while you wait

We Fix offer iPhone 7 screen repairs while you wait.

If you have broken your iPhone 7 display then give us a call for a quote. Your smashed iPhone 7 screen will be repaired in our Bournemouth shop.

The cracked iPhone 7 LCD will be replaced while you wait. Your replacement iPhone 7 screen will be fitted in about 30 minutes. All iPhone 7 screen repairs come with our three-month warranty as standard. The iPhone 7 displays consist of the display and the front glass so no matter what state your phone screen is in we can fix it.

If you have smashed the glass on your iPhone 7 then call David or Lauren for availability and price. We are here for all your iPhone Repairs Bournemouth

image showing iPhone 7 and 7 plus screen repaired in 30 minutes

iPhone Not Charging? iPhone Lightning Connector Problems

Probably one of the most annoying things about the iPhone is that the Charging Port gets filled with dust or dirt or it wears out over a period of time. We have heard stories of people having to wedge the iPhone in-between items of furniture to get the iPhone to charge.

We fix can either clean or replace the charging port on an iPhone within 30 minutes. The iPhone Charging Port also includes the Antenna, microphone.  The Charging Port service will get your iPhone back up and running in no time.

image showing iPhone 7 and 7 plus screen repaired in 30 minutes

My iPhone will not charge... What can I do?

We quite often get inquiries regarding the iPhone not charging.  This isn’t very pleasant for the user as, Obviously, they cannot use their phone.
Things to try first.

1 Do a soft reset on the phone. This is accomplished by simultaneously holding down the on-off button and the home button for a count of 10 seconds while the device is plugged into a charger. You may see the charging symbol appear and then the iPhone will power once sufficiently charged.

2. Try different chargers. Sometimes the fault is with the charger or cable itself. Maybe check your charger on a different iPhone or use a charger that you know works with another iPhone.

If neither of these tips does the trick, then you may have a problem with either your battery or, more likely, the charging port.

The Charging Lightning port on an iPhone gets a lot of use. Over a period of time, the connector pins inside the port start to wear out, get corroded, or the port entrance size increases so that the USB cable is loose when plugged into the charging port. 
We can diagnose the fault for you if you bring it in to our shop. We will connect a new charging port and see if the phone charges and boots up. If it does not show signs of charging, then we will try a new battery. 

If neither of these methods works, then there is a fault on the logic board, and the iPhone will need to be passed over to our engineer for further diagnoses.
We Fix a No Fix, No Fee service. Get your device into our iPhone Repairs Bournemouth store.


image showing iPhone 7 and 7 plus screen repaired in 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions iPhone Repairs

A. We do not advertise our prices online as we will be undercut on price by a few pounds, and although this is maybe good for your pocket, it may not be good from a quality of service point of view. Our prices are competitive, and you are welcome to either call us or email us for a quotation.

A. The average time taken to replace your Apple iPhone screen would be around 30 minutes.

A. We give you a 12 months warranty on all iPhone screen repairs.

A. We replace Apple iPhone screens with High-Quality Incell LCD on the iPhone 5 to iPhone 8. On iPhone X, XS, XS Max iPhone 11 Pro, we use Soft OLED screens. These are the best screen available on the market. We also program your screen with the touch and Trutone data.

A. We can replace your Apple iPhone battery with a brand new one and the price ranges from £25 to £50.00.

A. If your battery is losing charge, you can go to Settings> Battery> Battery Helath> and check capacity. We will change the battery if the capacity is below 80%. There is a warning that the iPhone has experienced an unexpected shut down because the battery was unable to provide peak power. We will also replace a battery if it has become swollen and lifting the screen.

A. Ten years ago, there were only a few iPhone Repair Shops in Bournemouth. Now there are loads, including people who are repairing iPhones at their home address. A Mobile Phone Shop in Bournemouth should be your first choice as you can meet face to face, discuss any problems with the repair and view the public liability insurance certificate. When using a shop, you should first look at the reviews. Don’t just look at five stars on google; look at the list of reviews to check they look authentic. If there are any bad reviews, see how the business owner has responded to the review.

A. Simple – We will not charge you a penny.

A. Yes, we do. If we do not fix your item, then we will not charge you anything.

A. Yes, we do. The latest iPhones have a glass back on them for aesthetics and provide Wireless Charging’s ability. This glass is fragile, and we provide an Apple iPhone Backglass Repair Service.

A. Only you can answer that question. The iPhone can sometimes cost more to repair than the purchase price of an excellent second-hand iPhone. However, you may have DATA on the phone that needs recovering, and then you may need to get the phone back up and running to retrieve the DATA.

A. Again, it’s up to you. Some customers will instead get a new iPhone if the repair is expensive. You have to consider if the repair is economical or not.

A. A trustworthy shop would not take payment upfront, give you a receipt if you left the phone, would not charge you if they could not fix the phone, have Busines and Public Liability insurance, and inform you of the GDRP rights when taking passcodes / Passwords. Also, the shop should have good reviews from many Platforms, including Facebook, Google, Yell and others. The reviews should have meaningful content and not just ‘Best price I can find.’

A. If we open your Apple iPhone, then currently in the UK, your Apple Warranty will be void.

A. Yes, you can. There are videos available on Youtube to guide you, and parts are available online. If you do not feel confident to do it yourself, then give us a call

How to get your item repaired

At We Fix BCR we try to keep things simple. 

To get your device up and running its easy as 1-2-3

1, Call or visit our shop for a quote
2, Leave it with us for repair.
3, When your device is ready we will call you to collect it.

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