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Turning off VoiceOver on your iPhone when it has been accidentally enabled

Using Siri

If Siri is enabled, the easiest way to disable VoiceOver is by asking Siri. Simply activate Siri by pressing and holding the side button (or saying “Hey Siri,” if you have set it up to listen) and then say, “Turn off VoiceOver.”

Using the Settings App

To manually turn off VoiceOver using the settings while VoiceOver is on, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your iPhone: Tap your screen to select the unlock feature, then double-tap to activate. Enter your passcode using single taps to select each number, followed by a double-tap to confirm each one.

  2. Open Settings: Swipe right or left with three fingers to navigate through the home screen icons until you find the “Settings” app. Single tap to select it, then double-tap to open.

  3. Navigate to Accessibility Settings:

    • Swipe right or left to hear the options.
    • When you hear “Accessibility,” single tap to select it, then double-tap to open.
  4. Turn off VoiceOver:

    • Swipe right until you hear “VoiceOver.”
    • Single tap to select, then double-tap to open the VoiceOver settings.
    • Swipe right until you hear “VoiceOver On.”
    • Single tap to select the toggle, then double-tap to turn it off.

Using Shortcut (Triple-click)

If you have the Accessibility Shortcut set up to toggle VoiceOver, you can quickly turn it off by triple-clicking the side button (or the Home button, if your model has one).

  • Triple-click the side button or Home button rapidly. If set up, this should toggle VoiceOver off.


Once VoiceOver is off, your iPhone will return to its normal mode of operation. Using Siri or the Accessibility Shortcut can be the fastest methods if VoiceOver’s modified gestures are difficult to navigate.

More Detailed Instructions

Let’s dive into more detailed explanations for each method to turn off VoiceOver on your iPhone 13. I’ll also explain the rationale behind each step and the VoiceOver-specific interactions.

1. Using Siri to Disable VoiceOver

Siri is a voice assistant that can execute commands on your iPhone. When VoiceOver is active, you might find it challenging to navigate your device using touch, making Siri a very convenient option.

  • Activate Siri: Hold down the side button on your iPhone until you hear a beep, indicating that Siri is listening. If “Hey Siri” is enabled, you can just speak that phrase instead.
  • Give the command: Clearly say, “Turn off VoiceOver.” Siri will process this command and disable the VoiceOver feature, confirming the action verbally.

2. Manually Turning Off VoiceOver via Settings

Navigating the iPhone with VoiceOver active involves gestures that differ from the standard gestures:

  • Unlocking the iPhone: Tap once on the screen to highlight items and double-tap to select. To enter your passcode, tap to select each digit, then double-tap to confirm.
  • Opening Settings: Swipe left or right with three fingers to navigate through home screen apps. When you select and open Settings, use the same tap to select and double-tap to activate approach.
  • Navigate to Accessibility:
    • Continue swiping left or right to move through the Settings menu.
    • Single tap “Accessibility” to select it, then double-tap to open.
  • Disable VoiceOver:
    • Inside Accessibility settings, swipe until you hear “VoiceOver.”
    • Tap once to select, then double-tap to enter VoiceOver settings.
    • Find the toggle for VoiceOver; tap to select it, then double-tap to turn it off.

3. Using Accessibility Shortcut

The Accessibility Shortcut allows you to quickly toggle accessibility features, including VoiceOver, by triple-clicking the side button:

  • Triple-Click the Side Button: Quickly press the side button three times. If you have multiple accessibility shortcuts set up, you might need to swipe left or right to select VoiceOver, then double-tap to toggle it off. If only VoiceOver is assigned to the shortcut, it will toggle off immediately.

Why These Methods Work

Siri works well for disabling VoiceOver because it bypasses the need to navigate the touchscreen using modified gestures, which can be cumbersome if you’re not accustomed to them.

Manual navigation through settings is helpful if you’re in a situation where voice commands are impractical or privacy is a concern.

Accessibility Shortcut is the fastest manual method and very useful if you frequently switch VoiceOver on and off. Setting up this shortcut is highly recommended if you regularly use accessibility features.

Each method provides a different level of interaction with your device, depending on your situation and preferences. Understanding how to use them ensures you can control your device effectively under various circumstances.

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