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Mobile phone repairs always need doing at the wrong time. We have set up this site to provide Mobile Phone Repairs and services using differing quality of parts and different timescales. These factors give you great flexibility and enable cost-effective pricing

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We understand how vital a Mobile Phone can be for the user. Our Retail store carries out many repairs on a while-you-wait basis during the day. This site provides either a fast track repair at full price or a reduced price if you can leave the device with us for 24 hours

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We are a trusted Mobile Device repair centre in Bournemouth. We have been here for over 11 years. We have an excellent reputation on Google, and you can see this if you search for We Fix BCR. All repairs come with a warranty, and if you pay by PayPal, then Buyer Protection is included

iPhone 11 Pro Repairs Bournemouth

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Repairs Bournemouth

Oh no! You’ve gone and done it. You have broken your Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Now what? Simple, come and see We Fix BCR, and we will repair it FAST.

OH NO! Broken your phone? We Fix BCR Bournemouth will repair that for you

Why Use We Fix BCR?

We are well known, established, Trusted, Apple iPhone Repair Company with many online reviews. We have been trading in Bournemouth for over ten years

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We only use Hi-Quality Parts.

We get the best repair parts possible and Original Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei Parts where we can.

We Fix BCR Genuine / High-quality Mobile Phone Repair parts Bournemouth

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iPhone 11 Pro Repairs Bournemouth

At We Fix BCR in Bournemouth, we understand how frustrating it can be when your iPhone 11 Pro is not functioning properly. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to provide high-quality and reliable iPhone 11 Pro repair services to get your device up and running in no time.
Common iPhone 11 Pro issues we fix:
  • Cracked screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Charging port repair
  • Camera replacement
  • Speaker and microphone repair
  • Button repair
Why choose We Fix BCR for your iPhone 11 Pro repair needs?
  • Quick turnaround time: We understand that your iPhone 11 Pro is an essential part of your daily life, and we work hard to get your device back to you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can complete the repair within the same day.
  • Quality parts: We use only high-quality replacement parts for all our repairs to ensure that your iPhone 11 Pro works like new again.
  • Experienced technicians: Our team of experienced technicians has years of experience repairing iPhones and other electronic devices, ensuring that your device is in good hands.
  • Affordable prices: We offer competitive prices for all our repairs, and we provide a free quote upfront so that you know exactly what to expect.
How our iPhone 11 Pro repair process works:
  1. Bring your iPhone 11 Pro to our Bournemouth store.
  2. Our technicians will diagnose the issue and provide you with a free quote.
  3. If you agree to the quote, we will proceed with the repair.
  4. Once the repair is complete, we will thoroughly test your device to ensure that it is functioning correctly.
  5. You can pick up your device on the same day, and we will provide you with a 90-day warranty for your peace of mind.
In addition to iPhone 11 Pro repairs, we also offer repair services for other iPhone models, Samsung phones, and other electronic devices. So, if you need any electronic device repaired, come to We Fix BCR in Bournemouth for quick, reliable, and affordable repair services.
Image of iPhone 11 Max Pro repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 11 Pro Screen Repair Bournemouth

Have you cracked your iPhone 11 Pro? We use a high-quality replacement iPhone 11 Pro screen to repair the iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 11 Pro repairs Bournemouth can replace your iPhone 11 Pro screen in about 30 minutes.

iPhone 11 Pro Screen Repair Bournemouth: Why You Should Choose a Professional Repair Service

The iPhone 11 Pro is an impressive device with a range of advanced features, including a beautiful OLED screen. However, accidents can happen, and your iPhone 11 Pro screen may crack or shatter, rendering your device unusable. When this happens, you need a reliable and efficient repair service to get your phone back to its original state. In this article, we will discuss why choosing a professional repair service for your iPhone 11 Pro screen repair in Bournemouth is essential.

  1. High-Quality Repairs

Professional repair services have experienced technicians who are trained to repair all types of iPhone models, including the iPhone 11 Pro. They use genuine parts and advanced technology to fix the issue, ensuring that your phone is restored to its original performance and visual appeal. By choosing a professional repair service, you can be confident that your phone is in the hands of experts who will provide high-quality repairs.

  1. Quick Turnaround Time

Professional repair services understand that your iPhone is an essential part of your daily life, and you cannot afford to stay without it for an extended period. They offer quick turnaround times, often completing repairs within an hour or two. This means that you can have your phone back in no time and resume your daily activities without any disruption.

  1. Warranty Protection

Professional repair services provide warranties for their repair work, giving you peace of mind that your phone is protected in case of any future issues. By choosing a professional repair service, you get the added advantage of warranty protection.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution

Choosing a professional repair service for your iPhone 11 Pro screen repair is also a cost-effective solution. Although the cost of repair may vary depending on the severity of the damage, professional repair services offer competitive pricing and affordable solutions. This means that you can get your phone repaired without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, choosing a professional repair service for your iPhone 11 Pro screen repair in Bournemouth is crucial for ensuring the quality, speed, and affordability of the repair. Professional repair services use genuine parts and advanced technology, provide quick turnaround times, offer warranty protection, and offer cost-effective solutions. Therefore, if you need an iPhone 11 Pro screen repair in Bournemouth, make sure to choose a reliable and experienced professional repair service that can offer you the best value for your money.

iPhone 11 with a cracked screen for repair Bournemouth

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement Bournemouth

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement Bournemouth

The second most common iPhone 11 Pro repair carried out in our shop is the iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement. A new battery in an iPhone 11 Pro is designed to be charged around 1000 times. Therefore it lasts for about three years without any problems arising.

When an iPhone 11 battery gets worn out, you will notice that you will have one or more of the following.
The iPhone 11 Pro will not charge.
The iPhone 11 Pro will charge really fast.
The iPhone 11 Pro will lose charge quickly. Not holding charge.
The iPhone 11 Pro will turn off with a random amount of charge in the battery.

If available, the iPhone 11 Pro will show that the battery’s maximum capacity is below 80% in the settings.

If you look at the iPhone 11 Pro from the side, you may see that the battery is swollen, lifting the display out of the iPhone Housing,

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement Bournemouth
iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement is available in our online store

image showing iPhone 7 with a faulty battery

iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 11 Charging Port Repairs

The iPhone 11 Pro charging port uses a Lightning Connector and can get clogged with dirt and dust. This prevents the charging cable to make a good connection inside the iPhone 11 Pro charging port.

We can usually repair the charging port with a good clean out so that the charging cable fits nicely inside the charging port. It is more common to see a dirty iPhone 11 Pro Charging port than a damaged charging port.

We do not advise that you try and clean the port out yourself as you may cause damage to the iPhone

If the iPhone 11 Pro Charging port is damaged, then we can offer an iPhone 11 charging port repair/replacement.

iphone 7 charging port

Other iPhone 11 repairs Bournemouth

Other iPhone 11 Pro repairs Bournemouth,

Other problems with the iPhone 11 Pro apart from iPhone 11 screen replacement

We repair the following issues on the iPhone 11 Pro…

iPhone 11 ProRear Camera not working.
iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera not working
iPhone 11 Pro On / Off Buttons you are not working.
iPhone 11 Pro Headphone Socket is not working.
iPhone 11 ProWater Damage.
iPhone 11 Pro1 Sound issues.
iPhone 11 ProSignal Issues.
iPhone 11 ProNot powering on.
iPhone 11 ProSoftware Updates
iPhone 11 ProNetwork Unlocking
iPhone 11 ProBack Glass Repairs

Image of iPhone 11 with a cracked back glass

The iPhone 11 Pro

There are several features and aspects of the iPhone 11 Pro that are considered to be good or impressive:

  1. Camera: The iPhone 11 Pro has a triple-lens camera system that includes an ultra-wide lens, a wide lens, and a telephoto lens. This camera system is known for its excellent photo and video quality, especially in low-light conditions.

  2. Display: The iPhone 11 Pro has a Super Retina XDR display that is bright, clear, and has a high resolution. This display is also HDR-enabled, which means it can display a wider range of colors and contrasts.

  3. Performance: The iPhone 11 Pro is powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which is considered to be one of the fastest mobile processors on the market. This means that the phone can handle demanding tasks and run apps smoothly.

  4. Battery life: The iPhone 11 Pro has a long-lasting battery that can last up to 4-5 hours longer than the previous iPhone models. This is especially useful for heavy users who rely on their phones throughout the day.

  5. Design and build quality: The iPhone 11 Pro has a sleek and stylish design, with a durable glass front and back and a stainless steel frame. It is also water and dust resistant, which makes it more durable and reliable.

Overall, the iPhone 11 Pro is a well-rounded and impressive smartphone that excels in several areas such as camera, display, performance, battery life, and design.


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