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iPhone 6S Repairs Bournemouth

Apple iPhone 6S Repairs Bournemouth

Oh no! You’ve gone and done it. You have broken your Apple iPhone 6S, Now what? Simple, come and see We Fix BCR, and we will repair it FAST.

OH NO! Broken your phone? We Fix BCR Bournemouth will repair that for you

Why Use We Fix BCR?

We are well known, established, Trusted, Apple iPhone Repair Company with many online reviews. We have been trading in Bournemouth for over ten years

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We only use Hi-Quality Parts.

We get the best repair parts possible and Original Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei Parts where we can.

We Fix BCR Genuine / High-quality Mobile Phone Repair parts Bournemouth

We Fix BCR is Open 6 Days a Week providing our service

We aim to repair your iPhone 6S Display within 30 minutes and we offer this service 6 days a week. We start at 8:30 and finish at 5 PM during the week,

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We understand how vital your Mobile Phone is to you.

At We Fix BCR. We aim to get your device up and running quickly and efficiently as possible and providing you with our full attention.

We Fix BCR Fast High-quality Mobile Phone Repairs Bournemouth

All repairs have a Massive 12 Month Warranty

We offer a Massive 12 Month Warranty with all our repairs. It covers parts and labour. It does not cover Physical damge or software errors.

Bournemouth mobile phone repairs warranty

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iPhone 6S Repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 6S Repairs Bournemouth
iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus released 19th September 2014
  • They released 2 new size displays with Retina HD display 
  • a new feature introduced Wi-Fi calling 
  • Apple pay also introduced 

Have you Cracked the display on your iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S Repairs Bournemouth carried out by We Fix BCR

This old but faithful iPhone is still very popular today and we still see plenty coming into our shop for repair. the most common repair on the iPhone 6S is a cracked display.

We do iPhone 6S screen repairs while you wait. Replacement iPhone 6S screens are. fixed in about 30 minutes

The iPhone 6S screen repairs

image of iPhone 6 Repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 6S screen repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 6S screen repairs

Have you cracked your iPhone 6S? We use a high-quality replacement iPhone 6S screen to repair the iPhone 6S,

iPhone 6S repairs Bournemouth can replace your iPhone 6S screen in about 30 minutes.

We remove your broken iPhone 6S display and repair it with a brand new screen. We fit a free Glass Screen Protector for you as well.

If you have a cracked, smashed iPhone 6S screen, then get in touch. We always have iPhone 6S screens in stock,

iPhone 6S repairs Bournemouth

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iPhone 6S Battery Replacement Bournemouth

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement Bournemouth

The second most common iPhone 6S repair carried out in our shop is the iPhone 6S Battery Replacement. A new battery in an iPhone6S is designed to be charged around 1000 times. Therefore it lasts for about three years without any problems arising.

When an iPhone 6S battery gets worn out, you will notice that you will have one or more of the following.
The iPhone 6S will not charge.
The iPhone 6S will charge really fast.
The iPhone 6S will lose charge quickly. Not holding charge.
The iPhone 6S will turn off with a random amount of charge in the battery.

If available, the iPhone 6S will show that the battery’s maximum capacity is below 80% in the settings.
If you look at the iPhone 6S from the side, you may see that the battery is swollen, lifting the display out of the iPhone Housing,

iphone open for battery

iPhone 6S Charging Port Repairs Bournemouth

iPhone 6S Charging Port Repairs

The iPhone 6S charging port uses a Lightning Connector and can get clogged with dirt and dust. This prevents the charging cable to make a good connection inside the iPhone 6S charging port.

We can usually repair the charging port with a good clean out so that the charging cable fits nicely inside the charging port. It is more common to see a dirty iPhone 6S Charging port than a damaged charging port.

We do not advise that you try and clean the port out yourself as you may cause damage to the iPhone

If the iPhone 6S Charging port is damaged, then we can offer an iPhone 6 charging port repair/replacement.

image of Samsung Mobile Phone Charging Port Part repair

Other iPhone 6S repairs Bournemouth

Other iPhone 6S repairs Bournemouth,

Other problems with the iPhone 6S apart from iPhone 6S screen replacement

We repair the following issues on the iPhone 6S…


iPhone 6S Rear Camera not working.
iPhone 6S Front Camera not working
iPhone 6S On / Off Buttons you are not working.
iPhone 6S Headphone Socket is not working.
iPhone 6S Water Damage.
iPhone 6S Sound issues.
iPhone 6S Signal Issues.
iPhone 6S Not powering on.
iPhone 6S Software Updates
iPhone 6S Network Unlocking
iPhone 6S Home Button Not working
iPhone 6S screen repairs

image of Samsung mobile phone battery

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