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Mobile phone repairs always need doing at the wrong time. We have set up this site to provide Mobile Phone Repairs and services using differing quality of parts and different timescales. These factors give you great flexibility and enable cost-effective pricing

Express or Easy

We understand how vital a Mobile Phone can be for the user. Our Retail store carries out many repairs on a while-you-wait basis during the day. This site provides either a fast track repair at full price or a reduced price if you can leave the device with us for 24 hours

Trusted Service

We are a trusted Mobile Device repair centre in Bournemouth. We have been here for over 11 years. We have an excellent reputation on Google, and you can see this if you search for We Fix BCR. All repairs come with a warranty, and if you pay by PayPal, then Buyer Protection is included

O2 iPhone Unlocking Service

O2 Network iPhone Unlocking Service

So you have an iPhone that is network locked to the O2 network, and you want to use another network’s SIM card in your iPhone? However, you have tried another SIM card, and it does not work, and it gives you an error message only iPhone that says SIM is not supported. To use a different SIM card in your iPhone, you will need to unlock it from the current network.

We can provide this service, and it is an easy service for you to use.

No iPhone unlock is instant, and timeframes will apply. Below you will see how much the service costs and how long it takes. If you are not happy with the cost or time frame, please do not buy this service. Once payment is made, and the IMEI number is submitted to the server, we cannot stop the process, and We Fix BCR will give no refund. Before you buy this service, please ensure that your iPhone is currently locked to the O2 network or a network carried on O2, for instance, Tesco.

We advise you to contact your network before purchasing this service, as your network may unlock your iPhone free of charge. To buy this service, you will need to enter your IMEI number and contact details and check the agreed to terms of conditions button.

Once the process has been completed, we will send you an email or a text message to let you know that your iPhone has been unlocked.

All you need to do then is connect it to your Wi-Fi or insert a different SIM card into the iPhone, and the iPhone will unlock automatically. This is all done through the Apple server. Once your iPhone has been unlocked it will be permanently unlocked, and it will be impossible for the iPhone to become locked in the future.

Unlock your O2 iPhone

How to get your iPhone Network Unlocked

You must select the correct first option, and that is WHAT NETWORK IS your IPHONE CURRENTLY LOCKED TO?

  1. Select the network that your iPhone currently works with
  2. Provide the iPhone IMEI Go to your dialer and type *#06# and your 15 Digit IMEI number will appear.
  3. Check that you are happy with the timeframe given
  4. Provide your contact Details
  5. Make a payment
  6. Leave the rest to us
iPhone - Find your IMEI Number

Please read our terms and conditions before you proceed

Once we submit your IMEI number to the unlock server, we cannot issue refunds if the following occurs.

The iPhone Unlock process has started,

DO NOT submit Barred IMEI or Wrong Network as we may NOT be able to refund you.

We cannot unlock Blacklisted iPhones.

We cannot unlock iPhones that were purchased on a corporate account or sold via Carphone Warehouse.

We cannot unlock iPhones that are locked to EE that are less than six months old or have been used on EE for less than six months.



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