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My iPhone will not charge... What can I do?

One of the most annoying things about most iPhones is that the Charging Port wears out over time. We have heard stories of people having to wedge the iPhone in-between furniture items to get the iPhone to charge. We Fix can replace the charging port on an iPhone within 30 minutes. The iPhone 6 Charging Port also includes the Home Button Connector, Antenna, Microphone and the Headphone Jack. The Charging Port service will get your iPhone back up and running in no time.

My iPhone will not charge… What can I do?

We quite often get inquiries regarding the iPhone not charging. An iPhone not charging is very annoying for the user as obviously, they cannot use their iPhone. Things to try first.1 Do a soft reset on the phone. This is accomplished by simultaneously holding down the on-off button and the home button for a count of 10 seconds while the device is plugged into a charger. You may see the charging symbol appear and then the iPhone will power once sufficiently charged.2. Try different chargers. Sometimes the fault is with the charger or cable itself. Maybe check your charger on another iPhone or use a charger that you know works with another iPhone.If neither of these tips does the trick, you may have a problem with either your battery or the charging port.

Another simple solution may be to clean the charging port. This takes a few minutes, and we recommend that you bring it to We Fix BCR for a cleaning service.

The Charging Lightning port on an iPhone gets a lot of use. Over time, the connector pins inside the port start to wear out, get corroded, or the port entrance size increases so that the USB cable is loose when plugged into the charging port Fix can diagnose the fault for you if you are plugged you bring it into our shop. We will connect a new charging port and see if the phone charges and boots up. If it does not show signs of charging, then we will try a new battery. If neither of these methods works, then there is a fault on the logic board, and the iPhone will need to be passed over to our engineer for further diagnosis. We Fix BCR offers a No Fix, No Fee service

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