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Do I Need a New iPhone Battery?

image showing iPhone 7 with a faulty battery

If you are having problems with your iPhone losing charge, then the first thing you should check is your iPhone Battery Health.

On your iPhone go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health

How to check your battery health

  1. Either go to Settings or pull the screen down and type Settings. Open Settings

  2. Scroll down the screen until you see Battery

  3. Click on Battery

  4. Click on Battery Health

  5. Check Settings

The information that you are looking for is the Battery Capacity. We only like to change the battery if it is under 80%

Peak Performance Capability is showing an issue

Search Settings
Scroll down for Battery ICON battery
Select battery ICON
Click on Battery Health
Check your Battery Health


Sometimes instead of ‘Battery Health’, it will say ‘Service’. If the iPhone Battery Health says Service, then it will need a new battery.

When you are on the Battery Health Setting page, you will have three more headings.

Maximum Capacity. This shows you the iPhone Battery ability to hold a charge compared to when it was new
Peak Performance Capability. This tells you if the battery is supporting normal peak performance. You may also see a message that says that ‘your iPhone has unexpectedly shut down because your battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power.’ If you see this message, then your iPhone Battery needs to be changed

We would only prefer to change a battery if it is causing a problem. The problem could be that the iPhone shuts down at random percentages, say 20%.

The battery may also lose charge quicker than expected. However, an iPhone battery not holding its capacity may due to something else going on inside the device. It could be a component shoring out on the mainboard, causing the battery to drain. A prevalent fault on the iPhone 6S is a component called the Charging IC failing, causing the battery to drain quickly and, in some instances, prevent the battery from charging up from Zero %.

In these cases, fitting a new battery will make little or no difference. You could replace the battery ten times, and it would still not make a difference.

Another sign that the battery is failing is that you may see the screen lifting on one side of the iPhone due to the battery swelling up and pushing up on display.

Our iPhone Battery replacement service will take about 30 minutes to complete. We give you a warranty as All our batteries are OEM quality.

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